T olerance, especially in the academic realm, though not limited to academia is a welcome virtue. Tolerance means being broad-minded, permissive and accepting many different points of view. At best tolerance is being considerate of even contradictory opinions. Thus the ability to be understanding of those with whom you differ is a sign of sophistication and intellegence.

He tolerated His disciples when their faith was weak.
He tolerated Peter when that disciple denied Him
He tolerated people when they misunderstood His purpose
He tolerated the woman caught in adultery
He tolerates us when we fall

But there is one area where Jesus was intolerant. There was one area where He refused to accept opposing points of view. There is one area where Jesus was dogmatic.

According to Jesus, when it comes to salvation there are not many roads that lead to God…There is only one road. There are not several paths for us to find our Heavenly Father…There is only one path. There are not many different truths that point to God…There is only one truth. And that one road and that one path and that one truth is Jesus Himself.

That is why many people find it very difficult to believe in Jesus. It is much easier and much more tolerant to consider Jesus as being one of several options that lead to God rather than Jesus being the only option. But such a belief while it appears to be tolerant is no option.

THE ONLY PATH TO GOD IS JESUS…”I am the way and the truth and the life. The only way to the Father is through Me” (John 14:6)

Dr. Taylor A. McKenzie

August 18, 2019