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Prayer request for healing 0October 6, 2021Details
Prayer Request0October 4, 2021Details
Prayer for family0September 12, 2021Details

Prayer request for healing

Humberto Torres
My prayer request is for physical mental emotional and spiritual healing for my sister Sonia Torres

Prayer Request

I am a member of the COC. I'm asking that you pray for my safety. I live in a rough neighborhood and a random man verbally attacked me today. He left on his own, but I am concerned about him returning because this happened at my house outside. I am trying to move, but it is going to take time. I ask that you pray that I am kept out of harm's way, I’m able to save to move, and that I have peace of mind. I don't want to worry every time I walk outside the door. Also, please pray for my family's wellbeing. PLEASE DO NOT POST ON YOUR WEBSITE.

Prayer for family

Lauryn Merriweather
(Lauryn attends Compton Ave COC, but attended 61st while attending SDSU). I am reaching out to ask for your prayers for my family. My cousin Tammie Brazzel has covid and is in critical condition and my dad Ronell Merriweather is having surgery on Monday for prostate cancer. God is good because he is barely stage 1 so we are already so grateful. I know the prayers of the righteous availeth much so please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much.
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