E very day carries some significant occurance for us. But God should be significant to everyday. James believes that we should focus on God’s will for us everyday. (James 4:13-15). Thus, all time should be viewed as valuable because each day brings its particular challenge. But every challenge that includes God results in a blessing. (Romans 8:28).

We don’t decide our birthday and to a great extent we do not decide our death day. But between birth and death as we meet each day with God’s grace, we get the most out of every day.

Realistically, life is not all sunshine neither is it lived completely in the shadows. There are flowers but there are also thorns. The Christian, however, doesn’t concentrate on the bitter so as to lose sight of the sweet. The problems and stresses of each day may serve to prepare us for the blessings that are sure to come (James 1:2,3). Spirit led Christians should not be controlled by discouragement and influenced by negative perceptions of life. Conversely, we should pray for encouragement to believe that with God there will be better days.

Life is certainly impacted by pains and problems. But it is also characterized by seasons of pleasure and contentment. Regardless of our experiences in life’s valleys or our days on top of life’s mountains, EVERYDAY can be a BETTER DAY if God is the center of that day. TRY IT.

Dr. Taylor A. McKenzie

July 28, 2019