There is a driving force inside of God’s child. Like the cells of a battery, there is an inner strength that motivates the Christian. Our inward power is delivered by our belief that “Christ lives in me…” (Galatians 2:20).

If the Spirit of Jesus is within (Romans 8:9), then spiritual power cannot be negative. The Spiritual Force that drives us and guides us is not fear, or guilt, or even duty. Obviously, such motivations can be influential. Some preachers use them often – too often. But such appeals are limited.

Eventually negative appeals lose their persuasive power. Whenever we depend upon human energy to energize our spirits that energy will fail.

 Only the power of an indwelling LORD through the Word of God by the Holy Spirit can equip us with a positive compulsion to obey His will. In fact, only God’s love through Jesus the Christ can fill us with an appreciative gratitude which motivates us to serve our father to the best of our ability.

When Jesus captures your heart He captures your every response to Him. Thus, the power of Christian living is always From the       Inside.


Taylor A. McKenzie – June 2, 2019