A warm, friendly “Hello, how are you” Glad to see you” or any similar greeting, will make people comfortable anywhere.


61st and Division has enjoyed the reputation of being a friendly congregation. We want to strengthen that reputation and to do even more to cause our guest, new-comers, and even members to feel comfortable.

A friendly atmosphere is one way of encouraging people to worship, study and fellowship with us. Certainly, we want to extend the kind of welcome that keeps people coming back. We want them to see a loving Savior by their association with people who love people and by their association with people who love the Lord.

The following may be helpful for improving our response to those who assemble with us and to those who are part of our family.

Facial expressions can reveal your feelings. Let your face communicate “I am glad you came, I am enjoying talking to you.”

 A sincere handshake can facilitate a new relationship. Greet others warmly. SHOW that you are blessed by their presence and you want them to return.

Listen actively. Someone has said that the highest compliment we give to others is showing that we care enough to listen to them. Be a RECeiver of messages as well as a sender. Listen to HEAR another person’s name and comments.

Let’s continue to be friendly to everyone and to Thank God for their presence.


Taylor A. McKenzie – May 26, 2019