The topic is suggested by the words of a desperate father who pleaded for the healing of his son who was very ill. After Jesus told him “All things are possible to him who believes, the father said “I do believe, help my unbelief” (Mark 9:23,24). Let us practically apply that statement to us.

Clearly we have faith (belief). We live by faith as all people do. For example we have faith in this day that it will blend into tomorrow. We have faith in our minds that our thinking is clear and our decisions are reliable. We have faith in our hearts that our feelings will be honest and trustworthy. We have faith in our friends that we will be open and transparent above all we have faith in God who does all things well. Clearly we have faith.

But while we have faith, it is honest and faithful to ask God to help our lack of faith – the times when our faith is incomplete. For example because of what happens in our lives during the day often reveals our doubts and lack of faith. Faith in our minds often shows our errors in thinking and decision making. Faith in our hearts can reveal blindness to reality. Faith in our friends can reveal our unworthiness. Faith in God defines our sinful nature. Lord we have faith, help our lack of faith.

The point is we desire more of that which we already have. Since we already have faith. We plead to God with all of our hearts to have an abundance of faith especially an increased faith in Him. We plead to God that our lack of faith, wherever it may exist, will be supplied and that our faith may be full and become more spiritually and biblically directed.

Taylor A. McKenzie – May 19, 2019