♦ When you are INTERESTED in conversation which addresses CHRISTIAN LIVING AND SALVATION.

 ♦ When by CHOICE AND DESIRE, you assemble for worship and Bible Study.

♦ When you are less concerned with HOW YOU FEELand with things you want to do and more concern with OBEYING THE LORD.

 ♦ When you welcome being labeled as STRANGE” or DIFFERENT” because of   your involvement with the church.

♦ When you believe that sin is not a matter of INDIVIDUAL INTERPRETATION. BUT A MATTER DECIDED BY GOD.

 ♦ When you TOLERATE in others that which you CONDEMN in yourself.

♦ When the FAULTS of others are not used for CONVERSATION and GOSSIP.

♦ When you are willing to FORGIVE and PRAY for the WEAKNESSES of others.

♦ When you exemplify that ALL OF SUNDAY is the LORD’S DAY.

♦ When you are willing to CHECK YOURSELF BY JESUS.

♦ When you no longer strain AT THE GNAT and swallow the camel.

♦ When you refuse to allow your FRIENDS or WORLDLY INTERESTS to cause you to give the LORD AND THE CHURCH A LOW PRIORITY.

  Adapted by—Dr. Taylor A. McKenzie

January 13, 2019