Isaiah 43:1-3

Storms in our lives can make us feel off course and unsure of our direction. The disciples knew they were on the Sea of Galilee, headed for Gennesaret, but in the battering gale, they   couldn’t gauge their direction or distance from shore. The guiding lights of the sky were obscured and their senses assaulted by the storm. Ever felt that way? Let’s think about what the disciples learned that will help us.

Jesus’ Sovereignty. Jesus demonstrated His sovereignty over both nature and our lives. There isn’t a single time when He is not in absolute control; in other words, there is not a moment that He isn’t guiding our storms. The winds blew so hard and no harder; the waves rose just so high and no higher. Jesus knows exactly where we are, where we’re headed, and the fierceness of the storm. Remember; The One who died in our place because of love holds the future—and He also hold us.

Jesus’ Protection. Jesus demonstrated His protective power in his tempest. He safeguarded the disciples in the boat, and He protected Peter on the water. But don’t miss an essential lesson: Jesus let Peter sink just enough to recognize his own helplessness and turn to the Lord for rescue. It protects us to remember we are absolutely helpless without Jesus and must turn quickly in Him.

 Jesus’ sovereignty and protective presence caused the disciples to worship Him as the Son of God.

Are your lips bursting with praise?

October 14, 2018