How may we be sure that our Christian principles and practices are biblically supported? I believe that most people who desire to establish and sustain a relationship to Christ desire the approbation of our Heavenly Father. However, it is sometimes fascinating and often lamentable to discover how some people arrive at that which they believe to be Biblical.

For example, it is not common for some well meaning people to base their “Christianity” on emotions. In other words, a person feels strongly about something that is done in the name of Jesus or the church, and because the feeling is so dominant, one believes that feeling to the be “truth.” Thus, there are those who proceed from feeling to faith to fact. By following that procedure, one could establish almost any concept as a Biblical fact. But by placing feelings first, one betrays the very purpose of the Bible which is God’s Guide to establish the truth. (John 17:17). We should base our feelings upon fact and not fact upon feelings. Neither should our faith be based upon this expression: “This has always been the church’s position.”

Then there are those who believe that “something” is a fact without having scriptural support for that belief. But because that belief is a strong one, it is accepted as truth. Such people attempt to adjust the Bible to their beliefs as opposed to adjusting their beliefs to the Bible. The attitude of placing belief before fact has resulted in the accusation that “you can make the Bible anything”. Such an indictment is true if the procedure is from faith to fact to feelings.

 The Bible order of following principles and practices which are approved of God follows this procedure: FACT (Biblical evidence), FAITH (believing the evidences), FEELINGS (an emotional response to the evidence). Paul states it best “so then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God” (Romans 10:17). The Bible way is not feelings first, or belief first, but Scriptural fact first, then basing our beliefs and feelings upon the facts of God’s Word. What order do you employ to arrive at Biblical truth?

 Dr. Taylor A. McKenzie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              September 30, 2018