How would you describe your Christian life? Would you call yourself a believer on Jesus or a follower of Jesus? A believer can be convicted of many things without necessary following his or her beliefs. But a follower of Jesus gives life a narrow focus.


To follow Jesus means to TRUST HIM (Philippians 3:7) why is trust a necessity? Because we will not follow someone whom we do not trust. The more we follow Jesus the more our trust in Him develops and grows. The more we trust Him the more we come to realize that our Lord’s plan for our lives is the best possible plan.


But to follow Jesus also means to OBEY HIM (John 8:31,32). When it comes to obeying the Lord, in the final analysis, there are only two       responses—”I WILL” or “I WILL NOT”.


Thus a spirit led follower of Jesus will combine trust with obedience, saying “Yes I will even when I don’t want to”, “Yes I will even when it is difficult”, “Yes I will even when I would rather do something else”, “Yes I will even when I suffer and must make a sacrifice”.


Moreover, to follow Jesus means to SERVE HIM (Romans 12:1,2). There are no spectators or observers in God’s Kingdom. We are to actively participate in the work and ministry of our Lord. We are commanded to use our gifts for the good of the body (Romans 2:8).


Jesus trusted, obeyed and served His Father, we are called upon to follow His example (John 13:13-15).

Ask God through the Holy Spirit to give you more of a trusting obeying and serving heart.