Good Lord, if anyone were to tell me that the electronic age is Satan’s most accommodating playground, I’d bellow: Amen.

He can cause ions of evil to occur extremely easily and swiftly in this age.

This electronic age – with its AC/DC operational machines and gadgets; its alphabet applications and programs; its mishmash of passwords and codes – can often instantly make itself a living hell.

Try to get help with a problem from a service that operates daily through an automated communications system.

You might either have forgotten what your difficulty is or the problem may have done its worst by the time you get to speak with a breathing person.

And no one benefits more from all of that kind of stuff than the evil one himself.

This comes as no idle whining and boo-hooing from me.

For even as I lie here, writing this while recovering from a long nagging ailment, I can just see and feel Satan happily continuing to lay the full force of this age’s fickleness on me.

I’m writing on a borrowed computer for starters.


Because three weeks ago, for some unknown reason, my computer shot into a mode that won’t let me get into my files.

And now, even with the help of my computer server’s crack technicians, I still can’t get into my machine.

But that’s all moot because what the techs have done up till now has destroyed all of my files any way.

Amidst all that, the battery powered remote control device that is the only way to operate my direct current TV, falls into a container of water in a way that I couldn’t make happen in a million tries.

You guessed it, too, at this writing, I’ve had no access to the tube in a week.

Satan – and he’s far from through.

He’s somehow screwed up my online communicating with the DMV, through whom I must make arrangements to renew my driver’s license.

It’s a situation made the more maddening by the fact that, as with most other bureaucracies these days, the public can only communicate with the DMV through its automated phone system.

What’s more for me, my telephone goes: “bling,” “bling,” “bling” whenever I touch it while its charger is engaged.

And shortly before I begin this writing, a representative of a creditor, who’d left a telephone voice message about a supposed late payment, responds to my polite rant with: “Oh my, it’s not your payment that is late.”

OK, now tell me, how do we get through all of the madness?

Become and remain strongly believing Christians. Follow closely the lead of Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

That’s truly nothing new to any of us Christians.

But with all of the distractions and chaos, especially of this era, our weak flesh can and does cause us to forget.

I know I forget – at times, a lot.

But the Spirit is divinely innovative, I’m persuaded, in some of the ways that He chooses to guide all of us in this chaotic era.

I’m persuaded, too, that when I recognize His innovativeness, it strongly helps strengthen my faith.

This is a strong for instance: Through much of my recent electronic era blues, I’ve found myself placing blame for my troubles fully on people, who, clearly, may have been used themselves as Satan’s unwitting pawns.

In the middle of all that, one day, the Holy Spirit suddenly leads me to a passage in Scripture, specifically Matthew 22:18: “But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, “Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites?”

Some Pharisees and their representatives are trying here to trip Jesus up in their long raging efforts to discredit him.

But our Lord sees into their wicked hearts.

Almost the moment I read into the passage, I read into part of the Holy Spirit’s message: “Jesus is the only one who can see into a person’s heart. So stop trying to be Him and try to be more like Him.”

Surely enough, too, the more that I treat people with gentleness and kindness despite my frustrations, the more smoothly and quickly my problems seem to get resolved, Satan and his beloved age be hanged.

Jesus said: “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” (Matt. 5:48).