A Positive motivation for Christian responsibility would result if the pronoun “I” were substituted for the pronouns “WE” or “THEY.”

It is not uncommon, and perhaps justifiable to hear one say “WE” should do something about making the church known in this community, or “THEY” should reach out to people more or “WE” should communicate more love and understanding.”

The use of the encompassing pronouns “WE” or “THEY” can dilute the importance of individual involvement and responsibility. While it is a tremendous challenge that “WE” exemplify Christ in the community, and while it may be true that “THEY” (Whoever they are) should reach out more to people, it is much more challenging and indeed more like Jesus to say “I” should do something about…..

The general statement that ““WE” should be more loving and understanding” becomes a pressing responsibility when it becomes ““I” should love more and try to understand others.”

Since many “I’s” can make a “WE”, our major concern should not be what “WE” should do or what “THEY” ought to do, but “WHAT CAN I DO?”

Because Christian living is a personal relationship to Jesus, let us live the principle that God has no hands but my hands.”


Dr. Taylor A. McKenzie

March 24, 2019