The caliber of our congregation is dependent upon the lives and attitudes of the membership. Of course, exemplary spiritual leadership is indispensable to a Spirit led congregation. However, in God’s view the impact we have for good is predicated upon the spiritual caliber of those of us who are members of the church. (1 Cor. 12:20).

No one doubts that disappointment hurts. It is a painful irony that our level of disappointment is directly proportional to how much we want something to happen.

 Disappointment was associated with the birth of Jesus. According to Matthew 1:18-20, Joseph is seen as being extremely disappointed. And why should he not be? He was engaged to a young woman through a legal bond strong enough to require a divorce to end it. And yet, she stood before him, admitting a pregnancy that neither could fully comprehend. Being a gentleman, the disappointed Joseph decided to allow her to exit the engagement quietly.

However, God called Joseph to a higher level of acceptance. Explaining the supernatural conception, the Lord called upon Joseph to rise up out of his fears and disappointment. Furthermore, God entrusted Joseph with an awesome responsibility: that of parenting the Savior of the world, God’s only Son.

How differentlly this story would have ended if Joseph had refused to lay aside his disappointment! Today, pray that God will enable you to see past your initial disappointments to achieve the greater potential that He has in store for you.

     Dr. Taylor A. McKenzie         November 4, 2018