Christians  who are serious about serving the Lord know the value of strengthening the congregation. The following basic suggestions will help identify your service to the Body of Chist.

►       ASSEMBLE REGULARLY – Whether you feel like assembling or not, you will be blessed and will be a blessing when you are present for worship assembly and Bible Study. Assembling is a spiritual activity in which all can serve. It is impossible to measure the spiritual strength you receive and the encouragement you give to others by being devoted to attend worship assembly and Bible Study.

► ONLY CRITICIZE FAIRLY – When you criticize make sure it is in the Spirit of Christ, you have the correct information and your purpose is to help.

► WHEN YOU VOLUNTEER OR ARE ASKED TO SERVE – Do the best that you can. Remember you are serving the Master and the Lord requires of you only that which you are able to do.  BUT BE SURE YOU HAVE A MINISTRY. NEVER REFUSE TO DO THAT WHICH YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO.

► BE SURE THAT YOU COOPERATE with the plans and goals of the congregation. You may not agree with every procedure or method or decision, but unless it violates your conscious, Cooperate.

► WHEN THE PRIVILEGE OF GIVING is extended, give lavishly. Remember that Jesus loved you and gave His all. Giving cheerfully, bountifully and sacrificially will not only result in blessings but cause us to become more like our Heavenly Father.

► USE EVERY OPPORTUNITY POSSIBLE to encourage the work of the Church. Speak positively about the mission of the Church. Pray for the spiritual growth of every member. Work and pray that we exemplify the character of Jesus.