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We had a church split
posted by: Versailles Indiana Church of Christ on 2/26/2017

We were a very strong Church of Christ in our community, on fire, dedicated to preaching the Truth, and reaching out to win souls to Christ. Then a "Wolf in sleep's clothing " came in and little by little, destroyed us! Secret meetings, and lots of back stabbing, resulted in 50+ people leaving. 😢🙏🏻 We are currently searching for a new minister to come fill the pulpit and preach the truth, the gospel, and revive us! Phone: 812 689-6873, or 812 689-6683 Please call if you can send a man to rescue us. It's a mission in our own United States!
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prayer request
posted by: Taryn Thompson on 2/15/2017

Please pray for me as I am very ill. I do not intend to survive the affliction that I suffer and was baptized in '93 by brother macKenzie. Please pray for and bless my spirit
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