What makes a rope strong? Pulling together, that’s the answer. Many tiny strands, each weak by itself, but united in a common effort, become strong enough to bind a heavy load.

What makes a rope strong makes a congregation strong as well. When you take hold of a rope, you seldom think of those tiny little parts that are entwined about each other so as to give the rope such strength. When we speak of a strong congregation, the little things that combine to make unity and strength are often unrealized.

The “strands” that make a congregation are individual Christians. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they are directed toward a common end—Glorifying God through Jesus. Thus a congregation is strong only when its members are Jesus focused.

Remember this: Strong ropes don’t just happen. Neither do congregations just happen to be strong. It takes pulling together. Our positive influence, our thoughts and time, our money, and prayers are coordinated for the purpose of glorying God.

Dr. Taylor A. McKenzie