The biblical description of God’s servants presuppose certain attitudes and behaviors. We are called “Brethren” because of our relationship to each other. We are referred to as “Saints” because of our character. We are called “Disciples” because of a willingness to learn of Jesus and to follow Him. Being called “Believers” emphasizes our faith, and the description “Christian” indicates we belong to Christ.

The evidence of those descriptions, however, is indicated by our life style. For example, each of the above relationships and descriptions can be demonstrated at the worship assembly.

Assembling for the purpose of praising God and for motivating others to love and good works, is behaving as Brethren. Worshipping in spirit and in truth expresses a willingness to allow God’s Word to influence our lives, thus demonstrating the character of Saints and the desire to be Disciples. Assembling for worship helps to communicate to others that we are Believers and is one indication that we are Christians.

Being called “Brethren”, “Saints”, “Disciples” “Believers”, and “Christians” are biblical descriptions. Demonstrating behaviors that characterize those descriptions results in Biblical life.

Dr. Taylor A. McKenzie